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Running Rome

My daughter ran the Rome marathon. The course took in all the sights, including the Pope giving mass. It began and ended on the Via Fori Imperiali, and was marvellously organized. On a relatively hot Sunday, it was a challenge for the 35,000 runners.

But the biggest challenge was to come.

Running Rome

On finishing 42 kms there was no public transport. The Metro station at the Colosseum was closed. The adjacent taxi ranks were closed. Buses?

I had discovered the same problem when I attended the Italy v England 6 Nations rugby match in February. The 25,000 England fans were abandoned to hiking the few kilometres back to the centro storico.

Now, would Rome’s authorities expect this in London or New York? Running Rome is more than about the first 42 kms, it’s about being a world class host and ensuring the 35,000 are treated to a time that is in common with the sights and allowing them to see Rome as eternal.

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