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Harry Shindler and Brexit

The indefatigable 96-year old Harry Shindler (see previous post for more about Harry) called last night. He was very excited. He has been contesting Brexit using pro buono lawyers through the European Union. His simple case is that Brexit would not have occurred if British citizens abroad all had had the vote. Those, like Harry, who have been abroad more than 15 years do not currently have the vote. Millions were disenfranchised at the June 2016 Brexit vote.

Harry has lobbied to remove the 15-year rule, a bill which is going through the British parliament this spring.

Tonight Harry is also on the brink of his lawyers forcing the European Union to understand that Great Britain was in contravention of EU law because some of its citizens could not vote. The consequence is that for the EU the Brexit vote was illegal and just possibly the EU might act – if the court ruling proceeds - by not pursuing the present negotiations with the UK.

Harry’s eternal optimism in the face of adversity surely makes him a genuine hero of the Homeric kind. He believes in a Europe that maintains and defends peace based upon the sacrifice of his many friends in the Second World War. It is a sacrifice that the Brexiteers have seemingly forgotten.

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